1 07, 2016

Officials Who Wrongly Told Medical Assistance Applicant His Property Would Not Be Subject to a Lien Are Not Liable

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A Minnesota appeals court holds that county officials were not liable for negligent misrepresentation for incorrectly telling a medical assistance applicant that his property would not be subject to a lien because the information was readily attainable from other sources. Ben [...]

1 02, 2016

Attorney Kris Maser Featured in Richfield Chamber of Commerce Spotlight

2020-08-04T17:10:35+00:00By |News|

Kris Maser was recently featured in the Richfield Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight. “Our firm is interested in being a part of the community in which we work. The Chamber has helped all of us learn about Richfield and the vibrant people who live and work in this community [...]

1 08, 2012

Your Vote Counts!

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I can’t stand it anymore.  I open the paper, turn on the television, the radio, or pick up the telephone and I am bombarded with campaign ads. And I assume this can only get worse after Labor Day as we head in to the home stretch towards the election in November. In the last [...]

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