15 06, 2021

When to Get Started with Life Care Planning

2021-06-16T15:31:23+00:00By |Life Care Planning|

Most people aren’t familiar with end-of-life arrangements, leaving the individuals feeling stressed and unprepared when the time comes. The good news: a life care planner can help. What is life care planning?  Life Care Planning is a holistic, team approach to organizing care [...]

21 05, 2021

Creating a Plan for Paying for Long-Term Care

2021-05-21T16:11:04+00:00By |Life Care Planning, Long-Term Care Insurance, Medicaid|

Paying for long-term care may be one of the first things that comes across the mind of someone diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Not knowing what the future will look like or what it will cost is scary, but fortunately there are many different options available to pay for [...]

1 03, 2021

Can a Guardian Restrict Communication or Visits?

2021-03-03T14:43:32+00:00By |Elder Law|

A guardian may believe that certain communications or visits of a person subject to guardianship pose a risk of significant physical, psychological, or financial harm. The guardian may therefore want to restrict the communications or visits of a person subject to guardianship [...]

20 02, 2021

Does a Guardian or Conservator Become the Alter-Ego of the Person Subject to Guardianship or Conservatorship

2021-03-03T14:39:22+00:00By |Elder Law|

Sometimes a guardian or conservator acts as if they are the “alter-ego” of the person subject to guardianship or conservatorship. The powers of a guardian or conservator are, however, not unlimited. For example, a guardian or conservator in Minnesota must consider the persona [...]

15 02, 2021

Can an Executor Do Whatever They Want?

2021-03-03T14:31:29+00:00By |Estate Planning|

An executor—called a personal representative in Minnesota—is a person or institution appointed to handle a probate estate worth over $75,000. Under a will, a personal representative is often nominated by the person who died, called the decedent. In Minnesota, a nominated pers [...]

10 02, 2021

What You Should Know: Disputes and Power of Attorney

2021-03-03T14:26:53+00:00By |Estate Planning|

What is a Power of Attorney? A power of attorney is a written document that allows one person to act on behalf of another. Just as a written lease document casts the people involved into two new roles—landlord and tenant—a written power of attorney document casts the people i [...]

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