Life Care Planning

What is Life Care Planning?

Life care planning is a road map that helps you navigate issues associated with aging.  It includes helping you maintain your independence and well-being while having access to the right level of care.  Whether this means an in-home aide or living in an assisted living facility, the right decision comes down to your wishes as well as your health concerns.  Life care planning also includes dealing with the financial side of aging, from Medicare, Medical Assistance, and Veteran’s Administration benefits to long-term care insurance and managing your existing income and assets.

How Does Life Care Planning Work?

There are two components to life care planning.  The first is the legal and financial aspect, which includes a thorough review of your specific situation as well as your wishes for how you would like to live as you age.  Our attorneys are highly experienced in identifying and explaining your options, and together we can develop a plan that maximizes the quality of your life while minimizing the associated expenses.  For additional peace of mind, we will also make sure your estate planning is in order.

The second component includes putting the plan in action.  Our in-house Elder Care Coordinator is a licensed social worker and an expert at navigating the world of in-home care, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and can quickly connect you with the best resources in the community.  Her skill and compassion, combined with an in-depth understanding of your rights and options, will guide you to make the best choices for your situation.  She will continue to be by your side as a trusted resource in the future.

How It Helps You?

We believe that aging individuals should be able to decide how they want to live as they get older.  As such, we empower our clients to take charge of their life and make decisions that reflect what is most important to them.  Life care planning helps you achieve the highest quality of life given your particular health situation, helping you experience the most joy, satisfaction and dignity as you approach the end of your life.  Life care planning also provides reassurance and peace of mind to your family and loved ones.  Our clients often tell us that knowing our dedicated team is advocating for their family member is a great relief to them

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