“For who is me,
without we.”

What will happen to you
When words cannot be formed
And stories go unshared
When your children go unrecognized
And the voices of your kids’ kids’ kids are no longer music

I keep searching for you
You come to me in flashes
So bright, then so blurred
As if I, a passenger and you, the town
Here one moment, gone the next

What will happen to you
When Pickles does not inspire a chuckle
And the pages of books turn to dust
When Gunsmoke is no longer a trusty steed
And your cards lay unshuffled

I keep searching for you
Behind your eyes that have lost their twinkle
In your hands, once calloused from cutting stone and sowing seed
But you’re now a phantom
Something, someone other than he
Whose presence can be felt, but reality no longer touched

What will happen to you
When you cannot recite poetry
Or drive your old pickup along the hillsides
What will happen to us
What will happen to me

I keep searching for you
And I promise I will not tire
You cannot be hard to find!
A force so strong, you carried the world
Or perhaps, were the world

What will happen to you, I wonder
So, I keep searching
Searching for you
Searching for us
Searching for me
For who is me, without we

– Brenna Galvin

Brenna Galvin Poem

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