Elder Law

Planning for your future can spark complicated questions that lead to tough decisions, so guidance, experience and resources are important, especially when it comes to elder law. Elder law is complex and constantly evolving and the law impacts the lives of older people on both a federal and state level.

We educate and help you navigate

Our elder law attorneys have decades of experience in helping seniors and their families with the difficult decisions, processes, and the financial, legal, and medical issues that arise as we age. We help single and married individuals to review eligibility for government services, including Medical Assistance (or Medicaid) and Minnesota Veterans benefits. And, we move forward with a goal of preserving family assets, and avoiding spousal hardship.

Resources and guidance

Whether you’re interested in planning for your future or that of your spouse, parents, or children, we have the resources and guidance you need. Our attorneys provide an individualized approach to help you plan for the future and provide assurance that we’ll be there to help you preserve your independence, and enact a plan that will work for you and your family.

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